january 1 - 14

"Where do you need to establish better boundaries?"

You know the phrase, “out with the old and in with the new.” Riding into the new year with old habits is one sure-fire ticket to failure. And I don’t want to be a negative Nancy as we ride into 2019, because this is our year, y’all! But…I am wanting to be truthful and authentic. And if you’re bringing old habits that don’t serve you into the new year, you will not succeed in the way you desire to.

And one of those habits that’s super common for intuitives is boundary-setting. This is something I struggle with personally, but I’m working on it hardcore. But that’s the thing. I’m consciously aware and making an effort to overcome the blockages because I know I can’t rise to bring more healing to the collective and teach women just like you to connect with their intuition if I can’t even tell someone no or enforce amazing boundaries for myself. And so if you want to speak your truth and shine to the world, part of connecting with your intuition to make this your year is enforcing boundaries.

And remember, while you’re goal setting and planning, testing out resolutions, and trying to be on your A-game, it is okay to say no. It is your right to say no. It is your truth to do what feels right for you and avoid what feels wrong.

How will you be enforcing boundaries this month? Let me know over at instagram.

january 15 - 31

“What is the niggling feeling trying to tell you?”

To pair with the theme of boundaries, the remainder of the month is worth reflecting and asking yourself what irritating-as-fuck feelings are coming up. Are you triggered by honoring the boundaries that you’ve set for yourself this month?

When we trust our bodies and recognize what triggers us and what really annoys the hell out of us, it is an opportunity for growth. But growth means setting boundaries. So it’s really important for you to do the shadow work, but also not let toxicity join in too.

Because when we are doing shadow work, negative energy and other shadows recognize that real quick and try to join in. But not you. Because you’ve got #boundaries.

And if you don’t, here are three to start with.