You've got a situation going on. One that you just can't wrap your head around. You've got so many factors, and you just can't keep up with it all. And you really don't know what the fuck to do to move forward.

Or maybe you're like, "what the hell is even going on?" You're totally oblivious to what's happening, or why.



But you have NO clue on how to figure this shit out. You've talked to friends, you've tried thinking on such a deep level of what it could be, but you have no structure and foundation for where to start.

So you're looking for someone to help without going insane thinking about who can help you without spending tons of money on a therapist or counselor. So you give in, you're looking for an intuitive.



You may want answers given to you, to help explain what the hell is going on and why the fuck it's happening. And some tarot readers will gladly read for you that way. But at the end of the day, giving you all the answers from a tarot reading gives your OWN power away to the cards.

Sure, you're told how to move forward, but you're not told why it's happening in the first damn place. You don't get to explore the hows and whys. You're spending money on quick fixes that won't last.




What you REALLY want is to understand what's actually happening, why it's happening and how it's happening. And the only way to really unfold these mysteries are to dive deep within yourself.

"But Kelly, I've tried. I'm literally spinning in circles here thinking about it."

Oh babe, you've tried on a logical level, but not an intuitive level. You still need that foundation and structure to get you started.

Think of my reading to you as a journal prompt. I ask you questions based off of the cards drawn in your reading to help define your underlying problems.

And it won't be pretty, if it's not. There's no reward for fluffing up the roughage. But if you're determined for real, meaningful answers, these readings will help you tenfold to not only discover the mysteries of your situation, but to help you build a trusting relationship with your intuition.




  • 4-6 card reading based on inquiry

  • 3 decks to choose from

  • A PDF of your reading in full detail

  • A high-resolution JPEG image of your cards

  • Additional third-party resources (if applicable to reading)




  • You must be 18 or older to purchase a reading from me.

  • I do NOT predict the future, but this helps even more for your self-discovery and exploration process.

  • I do NOT, and 100% refuse to, answer inquiries that are on the topic of birth, death, and medical advice.

  • I am NOT a medium, so I cannot connect or communicate with the deceased and/or otherworldy spirits.

  • I DO have the right to refuse or cancel any reading that goes against these standards or appropriate, acceptable morals.

  • My readings are not to be seen as any kind of medical advice. If you have any concerns physically, mentally, or emotionally, please see the appropriate healthcare professional for further action. I am not held responsible for any action taken on your behalf due to your reading with me.

  • And lastly, I love and appreciate all of you and your support!


*please make sure to click the link after your confirmation (if not automatically redirected) to be taken to the form for your inquiry*