let me guess...

You've got big dreams. Like so big that you have no fucking clue how you’ll ever reach those dreams.

and you are tired of chasing. those. dreams.


But you have NO clue on where to start. You want to create the most aligned life for yourself and your family, but you know there’s something more to it than busting your ass at an office job all day.

So you decide that since you’re not manifesting what you desire, that you’re gonna turn to spirituality. Because after all, the law of attraction works, right?


but here’s the problem:

You start learning about spirituality from bloggers and instagrammers, and you get stuck in the new age trend of crystals and tarot decks that you’ve never touched. That palo santo isn’t helping if you don’t know what the hell you’re actually clearing. Learning about meditation and yoga doesn’t do much if you aren’t all-in and knowledgeable about the actual ‘why’ of it all.

the real solution:

What you REALLY want is to understand why you aren’t manifesting your biggest dreams. And the only way to really unfold these mysteries are to connect with your intuition and dive deep within yourself.

When you connect with your intuition, you’re letting your light team and higher self guide you to create the reality you desire. One that will get you to exactly where you need to be (or want to be!)

Think of my reading to you as a mini-coaching session. You ask a question, and the cards will then tell me what questions you should be asking yourself. Because it’s a self-discovery journey, after all. I’m not here to give you handouts. I’m just a torch in your forest.

Because the questions you need to ask yourself will guide you to the answers that you need…which then will lead you to take action steps toward your big dreams. The answer always lies within yourself.


here’s what you’ll get:

4-6 card reading based on inquiry
4 decks to choose from
A PDF of your reading in full detail
A high-resolution JPEG image of your cards
Additional third-party resources (if applicable to reading)


a few disclaimers:

You must be 18 or older to purchase a reading from me.

I do NOT predict the future, but this helps even more for your self-discovery and exploration process.

I do NOT, and 100% refuse to, answer inquiries that are on the topic of birth, death, and medical advice.

I am NOT a medium, so I cannot connect or communicate with the deceased and/or otherworldy spirits.

I DO have the right to refuse or cancel any reading that goes against these standards or appropriate, acceptable morals.

My readings are not to be seen as any kind of medical advice. If you have any concerns physically, mentally, or emotionally, please see the appropriate healthcare professional for further action. I am not held responsible for any action taken on your behalf due to your reading with me.

And lastly, I love and appreciate all of you and your support!


*please make sure to click the link after your confirmation (if not automatically redirected) to be taken to the form for your inquiry*