3 Messages From Eros This Valentine's Day

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I see February as the month of love, because Valentine's Day is associated with it and the whole of the month is consumed by this day. So while this isn't posted exactly on Valentine's Day, I have received a message from Eros. Eros is the Greek god of love (among other things, but we'll just focus on love) and he has been one of the deities I've honored since I've involved myself in polytheism. He's one of the deities that stays quiet and only appears when I truly need him, so he's not referenced very often. But this month, I feel him so close and so strong pushing me to tell his messages. So without further ado, there are three things he needs me say on his behalf:


Valentine's Day is usually meant to show others how much you love them, or that you love them at all, but I personally find (and Eros has confirmed he believes this also) that it's becoming too consumerist and it's losing all meaning. However, when you take the time to step back and not focus on others, but focus on yourself, it brings the holiday, or even the whole month, into a new light. Self-love and self-acceptance are SOOOO important and this is truly the first step you need to take before showing others the love and compassion that they deserve. If you don't love yourself, the world and universe is going to pick that up and shove that same energy at you, too. The best way to love yourself, aside from spa retreats and a bottle of wine occasionally, is to not take any major shit. If something is really, truly bringing you down, you need to let that shit go.


I know, it's hard sometimes. You have your partner complaining that there's nothing to eat, when there really is. You have a two-year-old freaking out that Paw Patrol is over. You have family members telling you that they think you should be doing X, Y, and Z. It's really annoying. I would know, I go through it on a daily basis. But while I said to take no shit, there has to be a level of sympathy as well. You can't just cut everyone out of your life because you don't like what they're doing when it's so mundane. EVERY partner has complained about something. EVERY child has thrown a tantrum. And EVERY family has had a member, or two, or ten, that has put their two cents in. So while you may need to step away sometimes, it's also really fucking important that you show these people in your life some love, even when it feels dreaded.


This one gets trickier because it can vary from your neighbor, to someone you see at CVS, to that one person that's on their phone cutting everyone off in traffic. Let's start with the neighbor. They're blaring music until 3 am on a nightly basis, and then blares their music in their car when they leave as well. You're annoyed. You're just about ready to call the cops because of public disturbance. But wait, before you do that...have you tried talking to them? Make a batch of cookies, or brownies, or spaghetti..whatever you want..and go ring their fucking doorbell and say, "Hey, I brought you some goodies, do you mind if we have a quick chat?" and then gently ask them why they prefer to have their music as loud as it is. I guarantee you about half of them have some shit going on that they're just trying to get through. And that music has saved their sanity, helped them cope, or even saved their life. Next is the person at CVS that's holding up the whole line because of the ridiculous amount of coupons they have. But before you jump right into judging them for being "snobs," have you considered that they are broke and are trying to save as much money as they can to buy all the essentials they need? Lastly, that pesky driver on the freeway. Now, I'm not excusing being a terrible driver at all and you shouldn't be cutting off anyone for any reason other than an emergency, in which case, more than likely you'd need an ambulance anyways. BUT, there may be that one person out there who is talking to their wife who's delivering a baby and they are rushing to get there. Or maybe they are rushing home because their family is in danger and got a phone call from the person holding them hostage. Is it likely? Not really. Is it possible? Entirely. Or maybe none of these people have anything wrong and they are just nuisances. Guess what? You should love them then, too. I know the world can be terrible and we're all very quick to judge, but we should still all still love others, regardless if they are pains in our asses or not.

This month, I'm making sure I'm self-loving by taking one of my fears and working past them, so that the fear no longer controls me. What is something you don't like about yourself, or that you're afraid of, and you're ready to let it go? Comment below.

Three messages you need to hear from Eros this month