The Hardest Realization About Being Intuitive

We all know one thing, right?

We are ALL intuitive. Every single one of us.

It’s obvious and just honestly an integration into our DNA.

But you more than likely know that. What you might not know is that there are some hard truths to being intuitive and it might kill the buzz, but it’s crucial to know.


your intuitive hits are not always positive

The reason I say this is because often times, you will get something in your life that is negative. Or misaligned. Or just plain terrible. And we tend to blame it on everything external. The weather. Societal programming. Etc, etc, etc. And while I won’t sit here and tell you that you CREATE the bad things in your life, they do serve a purpose. The negative things in your life are signs. They tell you what you don’t want, what you actually can’t stand, so that you can learn what it is you DO want in life. If you’re going through depression because you hate your 9-5 job, and you’ve narrowed down that quitting or starting your own business would increase your happiness levels and get you out of that depression, that’s a sign meant just for you that the 9-5 lifestyle is NOT for you and that you won’t get to reach maximum fulfillment in that environment.

We assume that trusting our intuition is all rainbows and butterflies and our guides sending all the white light healing messages via dreams. But it’s not. Anyone that tells you that connecting with and trusting in your intuition is always going to be high vibe, is well, a fucking liar. Because you literally cannot have all light or all dark. You have signs that are joyous and tell you that you’re on your own aligned path, or you have signs that are negative that tell you that you AREN’T on your aligned path.


Let’s look at the above example here, in full detail. We’ll use the name Amy, just for the heck of it. So, Amy works a 9-5 job. She’s been working there for 7 years and hasn’t moved up a position or gotten a raise at all. (Like seriously, wtf Amy, why are you even there??) Her boss is a total prick that loves to just walk all over her. She wakes up with migraines, she has the worst nightmares about spiders, and she can only afford the sandwiches from the cafeteria tray that’s presented around the office near noon. But those sandwiches make her sick, along with any other gluten or grain items that she’s basically forced to eat due to lack of money. Her life is literally hell. But she just thought that “this was her luck.” She was “dealt this hand.” But she really wasn’t. She took the steps to where she is now in what she was able to control. Now I won’t sit there and play the blame game and say she manifested those nightmares, migraines and lack of money. But they are SIGNS.

Her nightmares? That’s her intuition trying to tell her that there’s a pattern that needs noticing. The act of nightmares in themselves might be a sign that something is misaligned. But when she has them about spiders? That could mean something much more specific to her. (For me spiders symbolize ultimate fear that seems unbreakable.) The migraines, again, probably mean that something is just totally off balance in her life. And the grain foods messing with her? That’s probably a sign that she’s not connected with her intuition in the way she needs to be, because grains are dense and heavy and grounding, which is associated with the root chakra.

Now, when she actively notices these signs and knows what they mean (aka is connected with her intuition and is trusting it), she can course correct and take steps to turn it all around. She tried waking up at several different times, getting different amounts of sleep, and no changes occurred. She stopped watching horror films or looking at politics before going to bed, no noticeable changes. She went from sandwiches from work to sandwiches at home, still no changes.

But then, she took small steps. She brought veggies and fruits to work and slowly her brain function increased.She started writing down her memorable dreams and noticed patterns that suited her and her life. And her migraines? They were still there. Small changes, remember? So with these new improvements, she thought her life was finally changing, that she was finally on the right track. And she is, but she’s not fully at the first milestone yet. Nothing seemed to get rid of her migraines, and while other things were improving, the migraines were getting worse. No medication or remedy would help. The food changes didn’t help. Sleeping more comfortably didn’t help. She still hated her job. Her boss was getting more demanding and assholey. She finally found the courage to ask for a raise with confidence, and was completely shut down. So she got furious. Every day, she was madder and madder. She questioned why she was getting more and more furious every day when other parts of her life were making her happier and happier. So she started dealing with self-doubt and questioning her worth.

She went in to work day after day, and everything just kept getting worst, so she finally quit. She had enough. Within that week, guess what, her migraines went away. She now knows she is on the right path and can enjoy her life at least a bit more now that she’s hit her first milestone.

That was a lot of detail and wasn’t based on any true story that I personally know of, but you get the point. She had to go through so much shit to course correct and finally figure out what her intuition was telling her to get her on the path that felt most aligned for her. And it’s different for every person, so what works for one person definitely might not for another. But if there’s one takeaway from this post, let it be that trusting your intuition is crucial because it’s the ONLY way to move forward.

If you’re ready to start creating your most aligned life and you feel like you’re missing all the signs that are heading your way to get your there, I invite you to hop on a 30-minute call with me to see if we’re an energetic match for guidance. You can find all of the details about my coaching program at this link right here.