The Act of Gratitude + FREE Tarot Spread

This Thanksgiving was the first Thanksgiving that I've ever truly enjoyed. Of course, I've always loved the food, but that's all Thanksgiving has ever meant for me. And even then, Christmas dinner was always better because I like ham a lot more than turkey. But this year, I've realized a lot.

For a bit of "this year" realizations:

This year has brought me through a lot of gratitude. I started a gratitude journal earlier in the year, and while I didn't keep it up ultimately, I learned to realize that the small things matter while the big ones don't as much. I've learned to be grateful for so many things that you would never think about. One would be the creativity and determination I possessed when I forced myself to buy the cheapest materials to make a DIY bullet journal. It required hands-on crafting, which I usually brush off because I'm "too lazy," but in return, making that bullet journal has helped me more than any ordinary planner has. I have bought multiple planners of multiple sizes from Target and they've never lasted more than a few months because I got too lazy to actually write things down. With my bullet journal, I am inclined to make my own spreads and record habits that feel safe for me to learn from. The point is, this year has brought me from not knowing much about gratitude to being grateful for things without having to write them down, all the way to manifesting creativity and strategy through my own means which will bring me those things in return.

This year, I have learned more about the law of attraction and manifestation, as well. In return, I'm further along in my business than I ever was before. I've learned to move past the brand colors and perfect copywriting, and focus on setting up my actual services because serving you is ultimately the goal, whereas the slight shade change in my logo won't ever matter to anyone but me. I've done inner work on what to bring to the table, and I've learned so much about myself in the process that I'm no longer the woman I was in January. 

This year, I've learned to be grateful for challenges, in all sense. I've learned to embrace negative emotions, letting them come up and surrendering because I know that not only does there have to be a balance between light and dark, but because there are lessons to be learned from those darknesses. I've questioned beforehand why I'm stuck in certain situations without a way out, and the answer was that I was not grateful for what I already had, nor did I learned the lesson of that situation. Without challenges, we cannot grow.

This year, I've learned to be grateful for things of the past, knowing that they are what brought me to this point in my life. That fight with my mom? It got me kicked out, to where I had to move back in with my fiance, and then I got pregnant about a year after. And in that time before getting pregnant, we learned so much about each other that we didn't know before. The fact that my best friend of 6 years stopped talking to me after learning about the fight with my mom? It made me evaluate what my values in a friend looked like and shaped the morals that I have today. Without those bad situations and hurt feelings, I wouldn't have gotten stronger and grown spiritually and emotionally.

This year, I learned to reflect on all the gratitude I've learned about and really forced myself to be mindful of Thanksgiving. Like I said, I was never really a fan. But this year, I helped make the food, and I enjoyed the food a lot more than usual. I valued the actual act of giving more than I ever have. I gave my time to help out. I drove up to my fiance's job and brought him his dinner because they refused to give him the day off. And I also gave myself this last weekend the gift of reflection. I did an in-depth gratitude reading for myself, I attended an online workshop where I learned things about myself that made me do a lot of inner work and strengthening, and I forced myself to surrender to the pain of a pulled muscle in order for it to heal properly, instead of getting mad and stressing over it.

I hope these realizations made you reflect back on your gratitude moments. But in case you needed a little nudge, or a bit of guidance, I've provided a free spread for you.


1. what you are most grateful for
2. what you need to be more grateful for
3. how it will impact your life
4. action step to improve mindfulness and gratitude

How was your Thanksgiving? What were your card reading results?Comment below and let me know.

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