The 1 Thing You Need to Come to Terms With In Your Intuitive Journey


Have you ever had a moment where you just refuse to listen to your intuition because you logically know that’s it’s wrong? Yeah, me too. And you know where it led me? Feeling completely depleted and unfulfilled.

your intuition always knows more than your ego.

See, we’re programmed to believe that anything that our ego tells us is the truth. And well, it’s not always. Sometimes, our ego IS telling the truth, but those times are the ones where the ego and your intuition are in sync and working together.


Let’s look at an example, and I’ll use myself here. During my launch, I came up with a plan, a strategy, if you will. I know that I’m a spontaneous person, so I tried to use that to my advantage in planning. And my strategy, well I was inspired by a friend, so I kind of tried out that strategy to see if it’d work for me, with my own twist of course. So I figured before my launch, I’d write a blog post every week that was related to my launch. Well, that plan didn’t really work out. The launch lasted three weeks, and the first week, I was super inspired. I knew exactly what to write about. But week 2? I came up with nothing. I did everything last minute, because of the fact that I’m spontaneous. My content comes to me when I’m inspired. So freaking out, like an empath does, I tried to force some ideas into my brain to fulfill that strategy plan. But none of my ideas were even related to what I coach on. So I waited and waited, and suddenly it was the end of the week. So I freaked out even more. But luckily, the sun came out, I told my ego to shut the fuck up for two seconds, and an idea hit me.

And this post was born.

Now while I don’t coach on blog and biz strategy, I do coach on trusting your intuition. And well, I was having a really hard time with that this week. Because my ego took over and said, “Hey, you’ve got to come up with relevant content that will be a super sneak peek into the program.” And I was hearing crickets. But when I surrendered, and finally said, “Okay, just let me write something, anything that will be of value to this community, whether it’s related to my coaching or not…just let me write.” And here I am. I made it. My ego didn’t win.

And that’s when the magic happens. Because when you think that strategy is the only way to success, you do not succeed. You have to surrender and listen to your inner voice to be able to produce value that’s actually needed in your community.

I’m not here to ONLY make money. I’m here to make an impact. And if I’m writing something that’s not of value, or that’s irrelevant to my alignment, or that’s completely not on the right path for my community, then I’m literally doing myself a disservice, and I’m doing my community a disservice.

And the same applies for you in your journey. You might not even have your own business. And so my example might not totally resonate. But the lesson still applies. If you are running around in circles trying to figure something out based on egoic views, when the answer is right in front of you intuitively….you best listen to it. Take that answer and run with it. Because it might not lead you down an easy or clear path, but it will always lead you down the right one.

If you’re ready to start trusting your intuition today and stop living by egoic views and fears, please hop on over to my coaching page where you can find all the details about working 1-on-1 with me, so we can get you on a clearer path to what it is you want in life. It’s your time to shine, babe.