What It Means to Have a Soul Family



Yeah, I know you’ve heard of it before. And to be honest, it’s used quiiiite a bit. By both the spiritual community, and well, anyone and everyone else too.

But what is a soul fam?

Well, when we take it actually seriously, it’s simple, but deeper than you might expect.

I spent all of 2018 thinking and believing that my soul family were those that followed me and those that joined my list. But when we get right down to it, that’s not the case.


Like I said, I thought anyone that had an interest in my purpose and tagged along, anyone that resonated with me, was my soul family. But it just doesn’t work that way. Those that take the time to follow you are crucial and important, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are your soul family. What it does mean is that you carry light codes that they need to move towards their own purpose. Those that resonate with you are simply others in the collective (the whole group of people you are in, whether that’s empaths, intuitives, or simply the human race). But do not, pleeeease do not, mistake all of these people as your soul family. Because you will feel drained, misunderstood, confused, and disappointed.



The reason I say that you will feel all of those things is because of one overarching theme: chasing. You will be chasing after an idea that just isn’t accurate, and it won’t be aligned. To say that the entirety of everyone that resonates with your work or your purpose is your soul family, is a massive weight to put on yourself. When we think of the term “soul family” loosely, we think of those that “get” us. They understand us. But think of it this way: are you intuitive? If you are (which we all are, just not all of us are awakened), then that is saying that every single intuitive person is your soul family. But, they’re not. Some intuitives have souls that come from the fae realms, some come from other planets or dimensions. Some are simply earth children. Our souls all come from various amounts of places. So to say that the ENTIRE intuitive collective is a family in the literal sense is stretching it quite far.

So here’s where it differs. Who in your life resonates on every level? Not just resonates with your work, but understands you. Finishes your sentences. Reads your mind. Knows when you’re hurting when they haven’t had contact with you in weeks. Can remember past lives with your soul. Can challenge you when you’re undermining yourself because they love you so fucking much.

Those people, they are your soul family. They are the ones that look out for your best interests, and help you actually fulfill your purpose, actively. They aren’t just supporters, they are enablers (the good kind!) They push you when you need it. They stick around no matter how hard you trigger them. They trigger you for the better. They bring the light to your shadows. They are your LITERAL family of the soul kind.

So the next time you think, “Hey, so and so is a witch too!” Or “so and so has the same aesthetic!” and so on, get to know them first. Befriend them. Invite them to other groups. Invite them to your own digital space. See if there’s a real connection. If there’s no, then they are more than likely not your soul fam.

Lastly, I’m not saying that you can’t make friends outside of your soul family. Or that you can’t connect with anyone ever if they can’t see your past lives. What I am saying is, it’s energetically draining to chase after a connection that might not be there, or might not be as strong as you hope, which in return, leaves you vulnerable to feeling disappointed and misunderstood. Save yourself the trouble and let those natural connections be made. You will find your soul family as long as you are moving towards your purpose and living your best, fullest and most authentic life.