I'm Trying Something Different This January - Word & Card of the Year

Well, 2018 is here. Happy New Year! Instead of writing this post on the first or second, I decided to keep things consistent with my schedule. This is the post where I usually tell you that I've made resolutions and then tell you those resolutions, but let's be honest, I never complete resolutions. So I'm trying something new this year. I'm assigning myself a word of the year. Yes it's a trend, and yes it's annoying, but it's something I've never tried nor had a desire to, until things weren't working out. Goals? They never get done. Maybe I haven't found my way of setting goals yet, but one thing I know is that if I have a central focus point, I can break that down to fulfill that word nicely. And so my word of the year is...


Motivation is something I need like I need water. Without motivation, you bet your ass I'm going to have a hard time getting anything done. And last year, I accomplished nothing. Sure, I got a few more subscribers. Sure, I got my newsletter automation and opt-in setup. Sure, I started making Instagram Stories. Sure, my blog finally narrowed down its niche and got the appearance that took me years to settle on. That's all fine and dandy, but after all that, I still have very few subscribers (though more than last year...I was at a big fat 0), no sales pages set up, no strategy, and no income still. The underlying reason I had no results was a lack of motivation. Sure, fear was involved too, but I wasn't too scared to conquer fears...I was too unmotivated. I wanted to sleep all the time, I wanted to play video games constantly. I wanted to watch tv, I wanted to eat a lot, and I wanted to wallow in social media all day. This isn't to say I have no passion for my work. I have a strong passion for my work and my blog, I just didn't have the willpower. It's as if I expected blog posts to be written for me magically, for people to seek me out on their own without any promotion or marketing, and so on. I was hoping and wishing for results without any effort. And some things didn't get done because of fear, but most of my (lack of) results came from not being motivated. So this year, in my bullet journal, I've taken two pages for this word of the year.


The first page has the actual word and a reminder to be my own motivation, because motivation doesn't come freely. Then it also has that word in several different languages, because who doesn't like learning new languages? On the second page, it's split in half. The top half is what I need to be more motivated in, in both business and personal life. The bottom half is how I'm going to get myself motivated to get those things done, again in each category. Having it written in my bullet journal and bookmarked is a nice way to be able to easily access it and see it as a reminder of what I need to do to get myself to that state. I'm hoping I like this idea, truly!

That said, another "tradition" I'm breaking is the 12-month card reading forecast. Twelve months in advance is too far away. Many things can change. Therefore, I'm providing myself with one card that can help me reach my "goal" of being motivated this year. And I pulled the Star, from the Smith-Waite Centennial deck. 


The Star is a great card to help me motivate myself, because it provides hope and renewal, saying that I'm able to fulfill my mission of becoming a motivated human being this year. It's also a source of encouragement. It not only says, "Hey, things aren't going to be perfect, but it'll be okay," but also says, "You can totally fucking do this!" And that's what I need, something to push me along, and to hold me accountable.

Are you trying out a word of the year, or even a card of the year? Let me know below!

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