How to Honor Hecate on Halloween + FREE Tarot Spread

First and foremost, I'd like to say Happy Halloween! And for those that celebrate the Pagan calendar, Happy Samhain! (For this post, I'll be referring to today as Halloween, but I am by no means discrediting Samhain.)

I won't go into the backgrounds of each holiday, and what the differences are, since they are on the same day, but I will say this: they have at least one thing in common that most people have heard about - the veil thinning.

If you haven't heard of the veil thinning, it's when the veil between the living and dead is at its thinnest, which is where most of the ghost stories come from and why ancestral worship is common on this holiday.

But this isn't about either of those. Today we'll be talking about something that I personally find necessary on Halloween each year, and that's deity worship. Obviously, this is a rather personal choice and everyone has their own journey, so if you don't worship deities, that's totally fine! I'm writing this post not only to share my truth but to honor Hecate, which is who I'll be talking about today.

Hecate is the Greek chthonic goddess of magic, witchcraft, crossroads, and necromancy. You can see how she's related very easily with this day. Although her official Night isn't until November 16th, Halloween is often used to call on her. Because the veil is at its thinnest, she crosses through that veil from the underworld to help guide souls. While Charon officially guides souls from the living world to the underworld, Hecate guides those souls in a general manner. She guides them towards rebirth. She also crosses over on Halloween to watch over the living domain. She is a protector of women and children, so it's ever most important that we acknowledge her presence today. This world is becoming a sick place for some, where kidnapping and human trafficking has become apparent recently, at least where I live. 

So today, I honor her more than usual. Once I'm back home from trick-or-treating with the little one, I'll be doing a proper offering, but for those out there that honor her, I'll be sharing a tarot spread I created to help communicate with her tonight.


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Now, this tarot spread is technically for shadow work, which is a great practice to do on this night because of the energy. While I usually call on Athena for guidance, since you know...she's the goddess of wisdom, Hecate is generally more efficient on the darker spectrum of guidance - depression, fears, letting go. Therefore, this deck is meant to be used with her for her guidance. Obviously, if you feel personally called towards working with another deity or energy for shadow work, then feel free to do so.

For the first card, we need to ask ourselves, "What part of myself am I hiding?" Alternatively, you could ask, "What am I truly, deeply afraid [to let go] of?" This is the root of your problem. You really need to connect with this card and sit with it for a while to understand what it is that's causing these shadows.

The second card is the "why" card for either of those questions. So, "Why am I hiding this part of myself?" or, "Why am I afraid [to let go] of this?" This needs to be meditated on also. You really need to dig deep on why these shadows are affecting you they way they do. Or maybe they aren't affecting you, but you know that a certain aspect needs work done in that area. Bottom line is that you need to know the reasoning for your shadows.

Lastly, the third card is where this ties in with Hecate. "How can Hecate guide me to unlock these fears/shadows?" This can be asked specifically to where it answers right on the dot with the question, or you can take it as a general guidance card from Hecate. She may not have an answer for you that's directly linked to your question, so take her guided message with heart and meditate on it. 

What's most important is that if you make the commitment to communicate with her and ask for guidance, you need to pay careful attention to her messages. She's not one to be taken lightly and ignored. If she's giving you the time to respond to your inquiries, then you need to return that favor by at least making an attempt to understand her message and think about it. This goes hand-in-hand with shadow work. You can't attempt to do shadow work and then ignore the messages because then it's just a question and not actual work.

With that said, I hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween/Samhain.

Halloween is one of the best times to honor Hecate, and here's why! + a FREE tarot spread