How Supernatural Shows ACTUALLY Aid You in Your Spiritual Journey

In my preteen and teenage years, Charmed was my absolute favorite show. I had first seen it at my aunt's house, because she watched it periodically, but didn't believe in, or approve of, anything that the show did or had in it. She just watched it for entertainment. I grew up with both sides of my family being very Christian, so I was really confused about why she liked it and thought it was a "bad show." When I first saw it at her house, I was around 9.

Fast forward to when I was 11. My mom had gotten remarried, we had moved up north, and I had seen the show on TNT after school, so I gave it a try. And guess what, I LOVED it. Episode after episode, I watched, and ultimately got the first season on DVD. I didn't "believe" in any of it back then, but found the supernatural aspect pretty fascinating. I made a fake Book of Shadows with spells from the show in it because I was such a fan...but I didn't believe in it. My mom found it soon after and freaked out. I reassured her..."I didn't believe in it."

And I didn't. Until I did.

As my teenage years went by, I still loved the show just as much. I watched the DVDs, watched the after-school episodes, and always recorded them to watch later. And years went by, where slowly, I found myself more and more connected to the magic they did in the show. I knew, of course, that I couldn't freeze time or move things with my mind. But I did feel drawn to the general subject of magic. But I had never researched it in-depth until the last year of high school, maybe even the year after. Obviously, my spiritual beliefs have changed over the years, but at that time, Charmed was all I had to go off of, so Wicca was the only thing I knew in relation to magic. I did a little bit of research on Tumblr back then, but looking back, it really was very basic information.

Charmed was all I cared about when it came to supernatural shows. I had seen the first 6 episodes of Supernatural and had seen a few episodes of Buffy and Angel when I was younger, but never really paid attention to any of them. I did know a lot of people that loved those shows, though, so that's the magic that they knew of. If you really sum it up, all of them, including Charmed, had the same concept of magic - that it's a force that's implemented in some kind of physical, visible way. And that's not what magic is, but we won't go into that today.

What they all have in common that's actually worth talking about, is one thing. And that's the fact that even though they don't have real magic, they do make you open-minded to the possibility that something bigger is out there. They all show what defying judgment brings. It's so hard to have a spiritual journey if you're not open-minded. Without open-mindedness, I would have never even gave thought to watch Charmed, and from that chain of events, I would have never been on this path to share my light with you. Those shows have so much that's not "real" about them, that you have to expand your thought process to accept that it's the norm in the show, which in return, tells your brain that you're allowing an outside idea to flow in, which expands your creativity. In today's day and age, you can't be closed-minded, because you'll get nowhere in your business, in society, and even in your normal every-day life.

Let me know below, did you watch any of these shows growing up, and if so, did they impact you at all?

Here's how supernatural shows ACTUALLY aid you in your spiritually journey. It's not what you'd think.