How Protecting Your Energy Helps You Trust Your Intuition


As an intuitive, you’re probably aware that setting boundaries is one the most foundational keystones to actually moving forward in your self-discovery journey. And one of the strongest reasons for setting boundaries is to protect your energy.

There are so many ways to protect your energy but shielding is one of them. This is the method that I personally use, along with affirmations. But there’s one problem. If you’re a forgetful person, or you just don’t have being-a-routine-person in your DNA, then you might forget to actually protect your energy each morning (heyo, guilty af).

This tends to leave open a WIDE range for negative energetic toxins to float on in, and if you’re a more feminine empath (you’re much more of a thinker and dreamer than a doer), solar plexus issues are one of the top attack points. The solar plexus deals with things like setting those damn boundaries, being a people-pleaser, self-worth and trust. And when it’s unprotected, well…some things happen.

Some things that might happen when your solar plexus is unprotected include: your opinion is invalidated; you get cut off mid-sentence; you’re taken advantage of for your kindness; your beliefs, morals, values and opinions are challenged and confronted in a way that makes you feel doubtful; you feel less-than as a human being; and ultimately, you start spiraling into a doubt hole with your intuition.

See, when all of those things happen, everything that feels right to you suddenly is twisted backwards. Either you have a complete change of heart for what feels right and wrong, or you simply have a hard time deciphering when it’s actually your energy or not. If your intuition tells you that you’ve done something right, and it feels right deep in your core, your heart space, your gut, but…you start questioning whether or not you’re actually right on surface level, you need some energetic protection. You’re being leeched.

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As I do love examples, let’s look at one. I’ll be using pA as ‘person A’ and pB as ‘person B.’ I recently was cut off during a sentence that expressed my opinion. I technically didn’t even get to say what my opinion was, but pA knew that I had an opposing one. So she expressed loudly (not angrily) that I basically was wrong. She was then asked by pB why she was yelling at me. She (still loudly) said that she wasn’t. And I said, very calmly, “A little bit.” This wasn’t snarky, sarcastic, or even really all that blaming. pA then said that she would stop talking because she couldn’t help that she talked loud. I then felt guilty because I ‘shouldn’t have said anything.’

Now in my gut, in my heart, I felt alive. I finally expressed myself. But I didn’t protect my energy. So pA’s guilt trip got to me. I started questioning if I even should have said anything, even though it felt so good to stand up for myself. I know she wasn’t yelling at me in terms of anger. She was just loudly expressing her opinion. But she did yell nonetheless, angrily or not. And because I was unable to express my original opinion without it being invalidated and instantly opposed before she even KNEW what I was going to say was kind of aggravating. I wasn’t mad. I wasn’t hurt. I just wanted to say my opinion, and when you try to calmly and rationally state your opinion and before you can even express it, after only saying, “My thoughts are this: if you….” and then being cut off completely to express your opinion loudly. Yes. I will say that you are yelling. Because you are. It wasn’t out of anger, frustration, resentment, anything. It was out of fact, and truth, and my being tired of not standing up for my truth, no matter how big or small. And this was small. Tiny, really. But the small things are often what bring the lessons. And the lesson is this: because I didn’t shield my energy that day, I gave into pA’s guilt trip, which then led me down a path to question my own energetic truth and what felt right in my soul.

If you’re having a hard time setting boundaries, you might be trying out a technique that doesn’t work for you. If you’re ready to get clear on your intuitive type so you can start shielding the way it works for you best, come chat with me to see if my 6-week 1:1 coaching is a good fit for you. It’s time to get your energy on the right path, so you can follow it to clarity.