How My 'Productive' Day Turned into 'Self-Care' Day

Yesterday was Friday, and my fiance had the day off work, as usual. He started the day by throwing in laundry, and I thought I'd follow suit by washing the few dishes that were in the sink, followed by washing my son's sippy cups. Then I planned on clearing some of my 32 browser tabs. Well, that's not quite how things went.

I ran out of Head and Shoulders awhile back, and have been using some Pantene shampoo, which has caused really bad dandruff buildup. So the first thing I did, to gain some relief was try the "no-poo" method. There are a few different ones, but the one I tried was to wash with a water+baking soda mixture, and to condition with a water+ACV (apple cider vinegar) mixture. To make a long story short, it made my hair fabulous, but not so much my scalp.

Since I already had the ACV pulled out of the pantry, I figured I would try out a DIY face mask I came across. This took a few minutes to mix together. I lathered it on my face, and waited about 15 minutes. During the beginning of those 15 minutes, I decided that I needed to paint my nails. It's been a long time. I've been telling myself to do it, and I've been putting it off. So I rummaged through my nail polish bag, to find mostly blues, reds and neutrals. I didn't want any of these. I wanted something I haven't had in years, so I found my tiny sample size lime green nail polish from Sally's and started painting my left hand. Er, the nails, I should say. The first layer dried and after the 15 minutes, I went and rinsed my face mask off, and came back to do another polish layer.

While they were drying, I figured I'd clear out some more emails that were building up over the week (for my personal account, mind you - I do actually check my blog email quite more frequently). I still had my coffee sitting around, cold as can be, so I figured this time would be a great time to drink it. After the left hand's nails were dry, I moved on to the right hand's nails, while smelling the lovely scent of lime that's produced after this particular nail polish is dried. My right hand didn't look near as great as my left, since I'm right-handed, but alas, I left it. After the first layer dried, I added a second layer on these nails as well. 

I continued on clearing emails, unsubscribing from ones that are cluttering up my inbox. I was feeling pretty fantastic and then it hit me - green is associated with the heart chakra. I did all of those things out of love and caring for myself, something that I struggle with often. I rarely give myself a treat, or a moment to breathe.

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It's truly amazing how we subconsciously align ourselves with a higher purpose. I picked the green nail polish out of my desire to break from my natural habits of neutral colors, a metaphor that I see as a day to love myself and take this time to break from the daily struggles and habits, and just be comfortable being, well, me.

This isn't to say that you need to give up on all your daily tasks. I cleared some of those emails and did a tarot reading for someone. I'd say those were still productive. Plus I planned out this blog post! Obviously productive. The point is: take some time for yourself. Pamper yourself. You need it, whether you think you do or not.



Comment below to let me know how you take care of yourself in a pinch. Are they similar to mine? Let me know!

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