How Discomfort Actually Assists Your Spiritual Growth


You know how there’s a niggling feeling sometimes that just won’t go away? Well, that’s discomfort. (duh, Kelly…)

But did you know discomfort actually plays a huge part in your self-discovery journey? It does, really.

For example, as I write this, I have a pulled muscle in my neck. It started on my right shoulder and was affecting my right upper arm, as well as the direct back of my neck. Now it’s just the back of my neck and upper back, around my spine.

And it’s uncomfortable….as fuck.

But you know what I’ve gathered from this discomfort? That I need to take it slow. I need to stop rushing around without an action plan and learn to lean into things at my own pace.

And you know how I figured that all out? Because I was trying to write a million notes, type a bunch of things, take some flat lays for instagram, and I literally couldn’t move my arm or turn my head. So the first day of pain and discomfort, I literally had to think more directly and slowly to figure out what I could actually accomplish that day. And you know what, I accomplished a decent amount. Because before that pain, I had no action plan. I just had a to-do list with probably 15 home life tasks and 32 business tasks on it, and I was hoping to go down the list and cross one off at a time, as I go.

Now, the point of this post isn’t to give away productivity hacks. It’s to tell you that I learned something valuable about myself even though I was going through some major pain-in-the-ass (or, neck) discomfort.

Another thing worth mentioning is that there can be an actual spiritual correlation, too. My example was my higher self telling me to take a break. But, discomfort can be from your light team, too. Or even your higher self showing you what to heal. So for my example, my right side of my neck and shoulder was hurting. The right side of your body is ruled by masculine energy, and shoulder tension tends to deal with stress, but often emotions as well, and since the shoulder and neck is in-line with the throat, the throat chakra too, which is all about speaking your truth and getting honest. So if I looked at it from a spiritual standpoint, I could say that I have been avoiding confronting how I feel about speaking up and getting authentic, and instead have just piled on all the action steps to go with my ideas, without actually diving deep to explore why I’m having the ideas that I do, why I’m creating what I’m creating, and why I’m feeling so overwhelmed despite all my efforts to learn to plan. And that actually does sound pretty relevant to my life at this moment. I’ve learned exactly what’s going on because this discomfort has made me pause and reassess.

So through your fear of diving into self-discovery, through your heartbreak, through the stress of being a single mother, and any other pain and discomfort you may be going through, just know that there are lessons, and there is healing to be done. But it’s only through your connection with your body and intuition that will lend you clues as to what healing actually needs to be done.