3 Boundaries to Set as an Intuitive Beginner



Yeah, you know…that word that’s a major fucking trigger for intuitives.

It’s cringy af, right? BUT. It’s so fucking important, too.

As intuitives, we are mostly in our feminine energy. And boundaries, they are part of grounding into our masculine energy. Yikes, I know.

But if you don’t have boundaries, then you will literally never be able to move forward on your self-discovery journey. But what kind of boundaries does an intuitive actually need?

Fret no more, my love. Because I’ve gotcha covered.


No, really. Cut the bullshit. Right the fuck out of your life. This means what isn’t serving you needs to go. That pile of clothes over in the corner needing to be folded? Do it. That outfit from 5 years ago that you’ve worn twice? Donate that bitch. That “friend” that judges you because you are actively working on yourself. Cut them out, too.

We really have a hard time with people-pleasing, and we don’t want to hurt others. But this is crucial. If there are people in your life that are standing in the way of you fulfilling your purpose, or your goal on your journey, they need to go. They are not helping you get to that goal, they are literally stopping you. Whether they realize or not. And I’m not saying as soon as a friend challenges a belief that you need to kick them to the curb. But if a friend is telling you that you’re wasting your time trying to better yourself, that’s a huge fucking red flag.

This applies to mindsets, too. And this is actually more difficult. We tend to undermine ourselves quite a bit. We say how we aren’t worth success, friends, relationships, love, freedom, and so on. But we are! And negative mindsets are so last year. But, they’re also very real. Depression is real. Anxiety is real. And you need to go through the process of grieving before you can heal. But, you need to actively try to heal. Letting your mind belittle your soul is one fast track (or slow) to disaster.



This is so, so, so, so, so FUCKING important. Once you’ve figured out your intuitive gift, you’ll be getting downloads like crazy. And sometimes those downloads are NOT for your highest good. They could be thoughts from your partner, they could be dark entities trying to manipulate you. They could be absolutely nothing bad at all, but something that is manipulated by previous thought forms trying to get you to move in a direction you once were heading but isn’t as aligned anymore. And the list goes on.

So what you do is, you shield your energy. And there are so many ways to do this. Knowing your intuitive gift will help you understand which personal method works for you best. An example: I’m primarily clairvoyant, so visualization is everything to me. When I shield, I either imagine a diamond shape (think Sims symbol) around me in space, or if I’m needing tons of grounding, an actual box around me on the ground with red energy (root chakra) to have toxic energy bounce right the fuck off. If you are primarily clairsentient, a method could be to “draw” a bubble with your arms stretched out while pushing out healing energy. And so on. Obviously, whatever feels right to you.


Yep, I went there. And I’ll continue to go there. Because like I said, we are so prone to people-pleasing, and it drains us of our energy so damn fast. You can’t be everyone’s servant. You can’t discovery yourself if you’re too busy worried about others being happy. How the fuck are you supposed to be happy if you’re only focused on them? Let’s say you’ve purchased a reading and you’ve just sat down to actually soak in the information. And you’ve lit candles, you’ve energetically shielded and cleared yourself of all toxic vibes. You’ve palo santo’d your space. And you’re in the zone. And then your partner asks you if you can run to the store to grab some bread for tomorrow because he’s watching the kids during your discovery time. “It’s just a quick run to the store, you can always continue your discovery time when you get back with no problem.” But see, there is a problem. You’ve set your intention, you’ve set the vibe. And you are in the zone. Once you leave that space and the mindset you’re in, you’ll have to practically do the whole prep over again. So what you do, is you say no. And obviously, saying no doesn’t have to be rude. If your partner asks you, “Honey can you quickly run to the store to pick up some bread for toast in the morning? I’m watching the kids currently and I understand you’re in a space of discovery, but we need that toast. I promise to continue to keep the kids occupied once you come back home,” that is a very gentle and appropriate way to talk to someone. However, if you are setting up that boundary of discovery space and time, and you want to honor that, you wouldn’t be rude and say, “Fuck no. Do it yourself!” You can still honor your boundary by saying something like, “Just as soon as I finish my discovery time, I’ll run to the store. I am staying committed and honoring this boundary I’ve set for myself.” See how kind that was?

Boundaries are essential and literally crucial to your growth. If you’d like a more personalized boundary-setting plan, book a reading today so that we can get you started on this path the right way.