4 Ways to Stay High-Vibe in a Low-Vibe Environment


In today’s society, it’s pretty standard for a lot of families and household to have some toxic energy, and even when it’s not explicitly toxic, there’s a lot of low-key low vibes going on. I personally live in one of these households and so I realized 4 ways to stay high-vibe in a not-so-high-vibe home. I made a video on this awhile back, so if you’d like to watch that instead, I’m attaching the video right here in this post for you.


Don’t worry, these 4 things are still as relevant today as they were when I made the video. So without further ado…we shall just get on with the point already.

1. focus on your highest desire

When you focus on whatever your highest desire is, you’re in a mindset of abundance and attraction. Visualization is one of the many ways to focus on a desire. For example, I live in a shit house with people that constantly yell, fight or are just negative af. So my biggest goal against that is to move. And not only move, but my biggest desire in live is to live in my dream house. So with everything I do, I focus on move-in day to that dream house and also visualize what my life looks like in my house (because that house is already mine and I already live there….time is just an illusion). Doing this gives me something positive to focus on, while simultaneously getting me to take action steps towards that goal/desire.

2. bring out your inner child

You’ll hear this one a lot in the online spiritual space, but bringing out your inner child will help you stay positive. This doesn’t always mean to dance, party, and be wild. What it means is to let loose a little energetically. If you’re work-work-work all the time, then your life is gonna attract either nothing but stagnant energy (aka boring af) or resentment towards those that do let loose. Let loose and say what you wanna say, do what you wanna do, and be what you wanna be. (within reason…)

3. act ‘as if’

This tip is a bit tricky. We hear that we should be ‘acting as if’ all the time, but it all comes down to circumstance. If you only have $20 cash in your wallet, it would be really not too smart to go to a restaurant and order a $50 dinner. Because you physically cannot pay that bill, and they’ll kick your ass out. But what I like to do is to buy a $5 starbucks drink every once in awhile to treat myself, because while it’s not a priority or necessity in my life, I am WORTH spending at least $5 on, and it won’t really make or break us. Another way to act ‘as if’ is to embody the essence you want to be in. If you are too poor to buy a new wardrobe and you literally cannot stand your clothes, you can either donate for cash or you can restyle those clothing items. Maybe instead of that regular t-shirt with sweatpants, you can try it with a pair of jeans you own and a different pair of shoes. It’s all about embodying an abundance mindset. Same with that $5 starbucks.

4. clear energetic disservices

Simply put, cut that shit out of your life. What doesn’t align with your desires, goals, purpose or vibe needs to go. Obviously if you get in an argument, this doesn’t mean you need to cut that person out of your life. But you CAN set boundaries so you don’t fall victim into the low vibes or toxic energy. If you have friends that are judging your beliefs, first question them on why they are being judgmental, but secondly, establish boundaries with them too. If they don’t respect, then yes - cut those bitches right out of your life.