3 Steps to Getting Started

Hazy Green Road has been 2 years in the making. There were a ton of roadblocks, such as finding my niche, trying to perfect the design, switching to Squarespace, and simply not being able to come up with content. All of those things have one thing in common: fear. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love Squarespace, and it's made me much more confident in starting this journey, but I could have easily started it on Wordpress. Instead, I made excuses how Wordpress was too hard to use, when what I was really complaining about was design, not content.

Here am I today, to tell you, stop procrastinating. I went through 2 years without a single relevant blog post (maybe a total of 10, honestly) and it has hurt me so bad. What I'm writing right now, I could have easily written within that first year. I was scared, for many reasons. And that's okay. It's expected when you try something new. The problem was, I was letting it get to me. Don't do that.

Today, I'm here to tell you how I've progressed; what helped me get here. It's really a 3-step journey, and while it may not be easy, it is pretty simple, honestly.


Too often, we get wrapped up in the world. We're busy bodies that run on caffeine and worry about things that aren't necessary. We never take the time to pause. The first step to literally solving anything, is to stop and breathe. This calms you down mentally and physically, so you can access what's going on without giving yourself a heart attack. You're gonna run around like a chicken with your head cut off if you start a project, task or journey without taking some breaths. Just like me. Two years, guys, two years...I've panicked and never took the time to calmly assess what I can do. Once I started calmly assessing (insert: breathing techniques), my mind became clearer day to day, and ideas came to me naturally. I can now run my blog exactly how I want to because I'm not "fishing" for ideas when I know they're there.


Now, take this how you want. You can meditate the official way with your own zen space, or you can simply just take a break from everything for some personal time alone. This is really just meant as a "me-time" step. Journal, meditate, sit at your kitchen table with a cup of coffee. Whatever works best for you. The goal here is to simply reflect. Reflect on what's really holding you back from getting started, on whatever it is you're starting. Reflect on ideas that can help you get started. Reflect on ideas for your project. Just reflect. On anything that's helpful. Don't force it, though, because you'll end up right where you were before taking those luxurious breaths. My personal choice here is actual meditation. I often find that journaling hurts my hand, and sitting anywhere just drinking a cup of coffee doesn't get me in an individual zone. I often get distracted from what I see around me. If you're anything like me, meditation helps. Now I'm a closed-eyes type of person, but I'm gonna provide you with three affirmation printables that you can print out for your wall, desk, or wherever else your heart desires to put it. Keep it as a reminder that you can get through anything, and repeat it whenever you need to.


This is the hardest part. Guys, just do it! Whatever it is you're starting....just get started. It took me so long to realize that it's so simple. You may have roadblocks at some point or another, but what you CAN do, do it. Like, that's all I can really say. Just do it. Set reminders and alarms. Turn your phone off. Install programs that won't give you access to certain websites until you finish, such as Cold Turkey or SelfControl. Get a babysitter. Take your computer to a coffee shop. Get rid of all distractions, if that's what it takes. Save your money for those roadblocks, such as investments and business startup costs. This is my major roadblock, the startup costs. But you know what? Until I can afford those costs, I can still blog. I can still setup everything behind-the-scenes that will be in place already once I legalize my business. Do what you can, starshine.



Comment below to let me know your steps on getting started. Did you follow my steps in this article? Were they helpful? Let me know!

3 Ways to Get Started + 3 Free Affirmation Printables - Hazy Green Road