3 High-Vibe Ways to Clear Your Throat Chakra (Without the Fearful Stigma)


We hear it all the time. “You can’t shine in this world and make an impact if your throat chakra is blocked.” And well, it’s true. But we aren’t really given many solutions on how to clear the blockages.

We may hear some basic ones, such as “Express your boundaries, express your feelings, and speak your honest truth.”

And those are MASSIVELY important. But they have a fearful stigma attached to them. They require a ton of energetic work and can be emotionally triggering for some. Ultimately, you DO want to clear those blockages, but if you’re not quite at that level, it’s gonna be one tough cookie to handle.

So today I’m giving you three very basic, very high-vibe ways to start clearing your throat chakra without the fearful stigma.

  1. Sing. All the time.

I mean it. Recently, I sang my prayer to my light team. I usually pray internally to them but I felt very called to sing the prayer to them. If you’re a Harry Potter nerd like me, think Goblet of Fire. The mermaid riddle song? Yeah it was a bit like that, but less angelic. Regardless, my throat stopped aching immediately and I felt very connected to my team instantly. Sing in all that you do. When you’re trying to remember something, sing it out. When you’re trying to plan, sing it out. When you’re praying, sing it out. When you’re folding clothes, sing it out. When you’re doing dishes, sing it out. And well, you get the point.

2. Reiki/Massages

Ladies, this is so underrated. Reiki and energy healing are such powerful tools to have, and if you’re well-versed, you already know exactly what you need to do. If you aren’t well-versed in reiki, you can try massaging your throat and neck. Personally reiki is just a more energetic, less physical way of healing, and massaging still holds massive healing energy as long as your intention is keyed in on healing and clearing that chakra. There is no one particular way to massage this area - just go with the flow and move your hands wherever you are guided.

3. Stay hydrated

Yeah, yeah, I know. But it makes total sense. I struggle with this one pretty massively, but think about it. Energetic imbalances impact you physically, and vice versa. If you were to stay hydrated, think about how much less your throat would be sore, or how much less you’d be coughing. You’d be able to express anything a little bit more with ease. And your overall well being would be enhanced, which can create a chain event of healthiness. Example: if you drink more water, you might sleep better, which then you may wake up easier, and then you increase your brain function, which makes you focus a tad better, which means you get more things accomplished, and creates a sense of fulfillment, in which you want to creatively express with excitement (ahem, throat chakra). Stay hydrated, ya’ll. And email me or follow me on insta to keep me accountable, I need strong help guys.


Carry some lapis lazuli with you when you want to effectively express and communicate your needs. Hold it while singing to enhance the cleansing. Hold it over your throat (or near it) while laying in meditation. And place it on top of your water bottle during drinks for charged hydration (aquamarine actually works for this too).