How Supernatural Shows ACTUALLY Aid You in Your Spiritual Journey

In my preteen and teenage years, Charmed was my absolute favorite show. I had first seen it at my aunt's house, because she watched it periodically, but didn't believe in, or approve of, anything that the show did or had in it. She just watched it for entertainment. I grew up with both sides of my family being very Christian, so I was really confused about why she liked it and thought it was a "bad show." When I first saw it at her house, I was around 9.

Fast forward to when I was 11. My mom had gotten remarried, we had moved up north, and I had seen the show on TNT after school, so I gave it a try. And guess what, I LOVED it. Episode after episode, I watched, and ultimately got the first season on DVD. I didn't "believe" in any of it back then, but found the supernatural aspect pretty fascinating. I made a fake Book of Shadows with spells from the show in it because I was such a fan...but I didn't believe in it. My mom found it soon after and freaked out. I reassured her..."I didn't believe in it."

And I didn't. Until I did.

As my teenage years went by, I still loved the show just as much. I watched the DVDs, watched the after-school episodes, and always recorded them to watch later. And years went by, where slowly, I found myself more and more connected to the magic they did in the show. I knew, of course, that I couldn't freeze time or move things with my mind. But I did feel drawn to the general subject of magic. But I had never researched it in-depth until the last year of high school, maybe even the year after. Obviously, my spiritual beliefs have changed over the years, but at that time, Charmed was all I had to go off of, so Wicca was the only thing I knew in relation to magic. I did a little bit of research on Tumblr back then, but looking back, it really was very basic information.

Charmed was all I cared about when it came to supernatural shows. I had seen the first 6 episodes of Supernatural and had seen a few episodes of Buffy and Angel when I was younger, but never really paid attention to any of them. I did know a lot of people that loved those shows, though, so that's the magic that they knew of. If you really sum it up, all of them, including Charmed, had the same concept of magic - that it's a force that's implemented in some kind of physical, visible way. And that's not what magic is, but we won't go into that today.

What they all have in common that's actually worth talking about, is one thing. And that's the fact that even though they don't have real magic, they do make you open-minded to the possibility that something bigger is out there. They all show what defying judgment brings. It's so hard to have a spiritual journey if you're not open-minded. Without open-mindedness, I would have never even gave thought to watch Charmed, and from that chain of events, I would have never been on this path to share my light with you. Those shows have so much that's not "real" about them, that you have to expand your thought process to accept that it's the norm in the show, which in return, tells your brain that you're allowing an outside idea to flow in, which expands your creativity. In today's day and age, you can't be closed-minded, because you'll get nowhere in your business, in society, and even in your normal every-day life.

Let me know below, did you watch any of these shows growing up, and if so, did they impact you at all?

Here's how supernatural shows ACTUALLY aid you in your spiritually journey. It's not what you'd think.

The Act of Gratitude + FREE Tarot Spread

This Thanksgiving was the first Thanksgiving that I've ever truly enjoyed. Of course, I've always loved the food, but that's all Thanksgiving has ever meant for me. And even then, Christmas dinner was always better because I like ham a lot more than turkey. But this year, I've realized a lot.

For a bit of "this year" realizations:

This year has brought me through a lot of gratitude. I started a gratitude journal earlier in the year, and while I didn't keep it up ultimately, I learned to realize that the small things matter while the big ones don't as much. I've learned to be grateful for so many things that you would never think about. One would be the creativity and determination I possessed when I forced myself to buy the cheapest materials to make a DIY bullet journal. It required hands-on crafting, which I usually brush off because I'm "too lazy," but in return, making that bullet journal has helped me more than any ordinary planner has. I have bought multiple planners of multiple sizes from Target and they've never lasted more than a few months because I got too lazy to actually write things down. With my bullet journal, I am inclined to make my own spreads and record habits that feel safe for me to learn from. The point is, this year has brought me from not knowing much about gratitude to being grateful for things without having to write them down, all the way to manifesting creativity and strategy through my own means which will bring me those things in return.

This year, I have learned more about the law of attraction and manifestation, as well. In return, I'm further along in my business than I ever was before. I've learned to move past the brand colors and perfect copywriting, and focus on setting up my actual services because serving you is ultimately the goal, whereas the slight shade change in my logo won't ever matter to anyone but me. I've done inner work on what to bring to the table, and I've learned so much about myself in the process that I'm no longer the woman I was in January. 

This year, I've learned to be grateful for challenges, in all sense. I've learned to embrace negative emotions, letting them come up and surrendering because I know that not only does there have to be a balance between light and dark, but because there are lessons to be learned from those darknesses. I've questioned beforehand why I'm stuck in certain situations without a way out, and the answer was that I was not grateful for what I already had, nor did I learned the lesson of that situation. Without challenges, we cannot grow.

This year, I've learned to be grateful for things of the past, knowing that they are what brought me to this point in my life. That fight with my mom? It got me kicked out, to where I had to move back in with my fiance, and then I got pregnant about a year after. And in that time before getting pregnant, we learned so much about each other that we didn't know before. The fact that my best friend of 6 years stopped talking to me after learning about the fight with my mom? It made me evaluate what my values in a friend looked like and shaped the morals that I have today. Without those bad situations and hurt feelings, I wouldn't have gotten stronger and grown spiritually and emotionally.

This year, I learned to reflect on all the gratitude I've learned about and really forced myself to be mindful of Thanksgiving. Like I said, I was never really a fan. But this year, I helped make the food, and I enjoyed the food a lot more than usual. I valued the actual act of giving more than I ever have. I gave my time to help out. I drove up to my fiance's job and brought him his dinner because they refused to give him the day off. And I also gave myself this last weekend the gift of reflection. I did an in-depth gratitude reading for myself, I attended an online workshop where I learned things about myself that made me do a lot of inner work and strengthening, and I forced myself to surrender to the pain of a pulled muscle in order for it to heal properly, instead of getting mad and stressing over it.

I hope these realizations made you reflect back on your gratitude moments. But in case you needed a little nudge, or a bit of guidance, I've provided a free spread for you.


1. what you are most grateful for
2. what you need to be more grateful for
3. how it will impact your life
4. action step to improve mindfulness and gratitude

How was your Thanksgiving? What were your card reading results?Comment below and let me know.

Need a little nudge and encouragement to get grateful this season? Check out this 4-card tarot spread to try out for yourself.

Modern Witchcraft + Unrealistic Expectations

Something that I perceive a bit differently than most people of today's society is witchcraft. It's something that I've been practicing for about 6 years now, but have not really dived into what most people what call "expert mode." By "expert mode" I mean all of the stereotypes of witchcraft: lit candles on a themed altar, surrounded by crystals and herbs, while chanting in a whisper in the secrecy of your own home. This scenario is nice - it really is! It's something that I've dreamt of since the beginning. But not everyone has means to that scenario. And...there's more to witchcraft than aesthetics!

First and foremost, I'd like to address expectations. They really need to stop. Witchcraft has many different meanings for several people. One's witchcraft scenario may be the example above, while another's scenario could be sitting on their bed with a blanket and tarot deck, drinking a cup of hot cocoa with no candles or chanting at all. The witchcraft you see in the media isn't even close to being real, so if you're new to the concept and you're thinking it'll work that way, you'll be highly disappointed. But that's just expectations of a newcomer. What about the expectations of the witch community that are already past the basics?

Well, there are quite a few definitions of witchcraft, which I don't really believe as the true definitions, but the one that seems to glue them all together is simply: "the practice of magic." Okay, so what's magic then? Well, again, I found some stereotypical definitions that resonate more with Hollywood than they do with real life, but one that made the most sense was "exceptional skill or talent" over at Oxford Dictionaries. If you really think about it, even in the stereotypical way, all you're doing is using your learned skills to practice making changes that you see necessary.

Okay, so let's look at those two previous examples. With the first one, with the candles and chanting, the witchcraft here would probably be more of the expected practice: casting spells or performing rites and rituals. Let's say that the person casting a spell was using their knowledge of herbs, color associations, candle scents and so on to hype up their motivation for an upcoming speech. Well, that knowledge alone does help, but what actually makes the magic is the skill of visualization, meditation, intent/energy pushing, etc. Without that focus and intention, you're not really letting the universe know what you need. You're just showing the universe that you've learned associations. But, what about the second scenario, with the tarot cards? Well, this scenario is quite opposite. The person using tarot doesn't really have anything to support knowledge in associations, other than the tarot meanings. While there are plenty of people out there reading tarot off the meanings alone, though, the magic here is pure intuition and focus. If you just ask a question and write down the meanings without taking in any actual intuitive insight, then you aren't using your skills to manifest a productive and helpful reading. That's basically just the act of studying.

But that's enough of the meaning. On to the point about magical expectations. Ladies, you don't need to spend loads on supplies for your witchcraft. Having the basics for whatever you practice should do just fine. There's this huge expectation (guilty as charged!) that you need to have a whole collection of herbs, crystals, candles and tarot/oracle decks, a perfect grimoire or journal of all things magic, and an altar that looks like it's right out of an ancient history book. You don't! You can practice witchcraft perfectly fine with no supplies at all - or just the basics, even. 

So that's my intake on it. You don't need to be an expert, and you don't need to have a ton of money to practice witchcraft. You just need belief and skill to get what you want to be manifested.


Learn what witchcraft really is and why you don't have to have a shit ton of money to practice it.

How to Honor Hecate on Halloween + FREE Tarot Spread

First and foremost, I'd like to say Happy Halloween! And for those that celebrate the Pagan calendar, Happy Samhain! (For this post, I'll be referring to today as Halloween, but I am by no means discrediting Samhain.)

I won't go into the backgrounds of each holiday, and what the differences are, since they are on the same day, but I will say this: they have at least one thing in common that most people have heard about - the veil thinning.

If you haven't heard of the veil thinning, it's when the veil between the living and dead is at its thinnest, which is where most of the ghost stories come from and why ancestral worship is common on this holiday.

But this isn't about either of those. Today we'll be talking about something that I personally find necessary on Halloween each year, and that's deity worship. Obviously, this is a rather personal choice and everyone has their own journey, so if you don't worship deities, that's totally fine! I'm writing this post not only to share my truth but to honor Hecate, which is who I'll be talking about today.

Hecate is the Greek chthonic goddess of magic, witchcraft, crossroads, and necromancy. You can see how she's related very easily with this day. Although her official Night isn't until November 16th, Halloween is often used to call on her. Because the veil is at its thinnest, she crosses through that veil from the underworld to help guide souls. While Charon officially guides souls from the living world to the underworld, Hecate guides those souls in a general manner. She guides them towards rebirth. She also crosses over on Halloween to watch over the living domain. She is a protector of women and children, so it's ever most important that we acknowledge her presence today. This world is becoming a sick place for some, where kidnapping and human trafficking has become apparent recently, at least where I live. 

So today, I honor her more than usual. Once I'm back home from trick-or-treating with the little one, I'll be doing a proper offering, but for those out there that honor her, I'll be sharing a tarot spread I created to help communicate with her tonight.


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Now, this tarot spread is technically for shadow work, which is a great practice to do on this night because of the energy. While I usually call on Athena for guidance, since you know...she's the goddess of wisdom, Hecate is generally more efficient on the darker spectrum of guidance - depression, fears, letting go. Therefore, this deck is meant to be used with her for her guidance. Obviously, if you feel personally called towards working with another deity or energy for shadow work, then feel free to do so.

For the first card, we need to ask ourselves, "What part of myself am I hiding?" Alternatively, you could ask, "What am I truly, deeply afraid [to let go] of?" This is the root of your problem. You really need to connect with this card and sit with it for a while to understand what it is that's causing these shadows.

The second card is the "why" card for either of those questions. So, "Why am I hiding this part of myself?" or, "Why am I afraid [to let go] of this?" This needs to be meditated on also. You really need to dig deep on why these shadows are affecting you they way they do. Or maybe they aren't affecting you, but you know that a certain aspect needs work done in that area. Bottom line is that you need to know the reasoning for your shadows.

Lastly, the third card is where this ties in with Hecate. "How can Hecate guide me to unlock these fears/shadows?" This can be asked specifically to where it answers right on the dot with the question, or you can take it as a general guidance card from Hecate. She may not have an answer for you that's directly linked to your question, so take her guided message with heart and meditate on it. 

What's most important is that if you make the commitment to communicate with her and ask for guidance, you need to pay careful attention to her messages. She's not one to be taken lightly and ignored. If she's giving you the time to respond to your inquiries, then you need to return that favor by at least making an attempt to understand her message and think about it. This goes hand-in-hand with shadow work. You can't attempt to do shadow work and then ignore the messages because then it's just a question and not actual work.

With that said, I hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween/Samhain.

Halloween is one of the best times to honor Hecate, and here's why! + a FREE tarot spread

How to Honor Your Practice When Those Around You Don't

Society in today's world is quite confusing. We've come farther in terms of open-mindedness, but we've also, somehow, become even more judgmental than before. We want to support causes and movements more than before, but when those that don't agree do their own thing, people are often times very hateful towards them.

This isn't any different in spirituality. Each religion, spiritual practice, and belief system has been brought to light within the last few years and are becoming more accepted within society. But you don't always have to deal with society. You do have to deal with those in your immediate life that don't approve. Obviously, each individual's practices will vary, but I'm giving a few basic keys to take away that will help you still honor your beliefs without issues.


Yeah, I know. It's cliche. But it's true! Meditation can mean a lot of things for different people. Maybe meditation is actually sitting on your yoga mat, listening to a guided meditation, while reflecting on a certain issue. Maybe meditation is taking a walk in nature. Maybe meditation is a shower where you visualize spiritual cleansing by the falling water. The last two are pretty basic every-day practices and rituals, and most people of any religion will probably not give a rat's ass about it. Personally, I've never met anyone of any religion that cared about the first one either, but you never know.


Morning rituals set the tone of the day. This is literally so versatile that you can really do anything. You can enchant your toothbrush to make you smile more that day, which brings more happiness. Your morning drink can always be stirred to bring warmth and energy into your day, and stirring counterclockwise can prevent any negative vibes that might come your way that day. Generally, anything you do in the morning on a normal basis can be used as a spiritual practice if you figure out what to incorporate into it.


These are the best things in the world. Even if you don't believe in them, it's still putting the intention out to the universe to set it up for you. But they aren't just great for universal connection, they can easily be hidden from those that don't support you because all you have to do is say it in your head! Unless someone around you can read minds, your affirmation practice will be pretty well hidden, I'd say.


You don't have to get fancy with your spiritual practices. If those around you aren't supportive, do these 3 things to keep your practices hidden, so you can continue to honor that practice.