How to Honor Your Practice When Those Around You Don't

Society in today's world is quite confusing. We've come farther in terms of open-mindedness, but we've also, somehow, become even more judgmental than before. We want to support causes and movements more than before, but when those that don't agree do their own thing, people are often times very hateful towards them.

This isn't any different in spirituality. Each religion, spiritual practice, and belief system has been brought to light within the last few years and are becoming more accepted within society. But you don't always have to deal with society. You do have to deal with those in your immediate life that don't approve. Obviously, each individual's practices will vary, but I'm giving a few basic keys to take away that will help you still honor your beliefs without issues.


Yeah, I know. It's cliche. But it's true! Meditation can mean a lot of things for different people. Maybe meditation is actually sitting on your yoga mat, listening to a guided meditation, while reflecting on a certain issue. Maybe meditation is taking a walk in nature. Maybe meditation is a shower where you visualize spiritual cleansing by the falling water. The last two are pretty basic every-day practices and rituals, and most people of any religion will probably not give a rat's ass about it. Personally, I've never met anyone of any religion that cared about the first one either, but you never know.


Morning rituals set the tone of the day. This is literally so versatile that you can really do anything. You can enchant your toothbrush to make you smile more that day, which brings more happiness. Your morning drink can always be stirred to bring warmth and energy into your day, and stirring counterclockwise can prevent any negative vibes that might come your way that day. Generally, anything you do in the morning on a normal basis can be used as a spiritual practice if you figure out what to incorporate into it.


These are the best things in the world. Even if you don't believe in them, it's still putting the intention out to the universe to set it up for you. But they aren't just great for universal connection, they can easily be hidden from those that don't support you because all you have to do is say it in your head! Unless someone around you can read minds, your affirmation practice will be pretty well hidden, I'd say.


You don't have to get fancy with your spiritual practices. If those around you aren't supportive, do these 3 things to keep your practices hidden, so you can continue to honor that practice.

How Oracle Cards Help You More Than Tarot in the Beginning

How Oracle Cards Help You More Than Tarot in the Beginning

Tarot is all the hype in the spiritual community. It's something I read, myself. But tarot can be quite tricky when you're first starting out.

Tarot is systematic. Each card has a base meaning, and you learn from that. This isn't to say that you can't interpret the cards intuitively - quite the contrary. That's why it's called a tarot journey, and learning tarot. But because you have to learn the base meanings, it can be pretty time-intensive, and most definitely stressful. It's something I struggled with myself.


How My 'Productive' Day Turned into 'Self-Care' Day

How My 'Productive' Day Turned into 'Self-Care' Day

Yesterday was Friday, and my fiance had the day off work, as usual. He started the day by throwing in laundry, and I thought I'd follow suit by washing the few dishes that were in the sink, followed by washing my son's sippy cups. Then I planned on clearing some of my 32 browser tabs. Well, that's not quite how things went.

3 Steps to Getting Started

3 Steps to Getting Started

Hazy Green Road has been 2 years in the making. There were a ton of roadblocks, such as finding my niche, trying to perfect the design, switching to Squarespace, and simply not being able to come up with content. All of those things have one thing in common: fear. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love Squarespace, and it's made me much more confident in starting this journey, but I could have easily started it on Wordpress. Instead, I made excuses how Wordpress was too hard to use, when what I was really complaining about was design, not content.